Kevin speaking


As a maritime industry speaker and trainer for more than twenty years, Kevin has given presentations all over the country and has spoken at conferences as far away as Athens, Greece. As a professional speaker, he has served as the president of the New Orleans Chapter of the National Speakers Association, earning the chapter's award for outstanding leadership in 2018.

While Kevin's speaking topics on his books, leadership, and entrepreneurship are diverse, the overarching theme of all his presentations is to inspire others to pursue their own version of success.

Speaking Presentations

Minding the Helm

Based on his Coast Guard memoir: Minding the Helm – An Unlikely Career in the U.S. Coast Guard, in this presentation Kevin shares exciting sea stories and historical events he experienced during his twenty year career. He provides a highly entertaining event which would be of particular interest to groups centered on the Coast Guard, the military, and nautical themes. Kevin also focuses on the adversity he overcame in order to fulfill his dream of joining the Coast Guard, which provides great inspiration for young people, while introducing them to the possibilities of a career in the U.S. Coast Guard.


Lifesaving Leadership

Businesses strive to succeed in their critical mission to increase their bottom lines. Peak performance and strong leadership are key to increasing profitability. What if the success of a critical mission was not contingent upon profitability, but on life and death? That was the environment that Kevin worked in throughout his Coast Guard career, and where he developed his own essential methods of peak performance and leadership. In this presentation Kevin shares his Lifesaving Leadership model with the civilian workforce and demonstrates how it applies to the business world. During this session Kevin shares both exciting, and tragic, examples which led to the development of the model. It is a unique demonstration of a military mindset being put to use in the private sector.


Capitalize on Your Expertise

This presentation, beneficial for all would-be entrepreneurs, is tailored toward the professional services industry. As a Coast Guard retiree with expertise as a federal regulator, Kevin formed a compliance consulting business, ultimately becoming an internationally recognized expert in his field. His company, Maritime Compliance International, LLC, experienced hyper-growth throughout its first decade. Kevin was able to do this with no business degree or experience. He became a student of modern marketing techniques, but attributes most of his success to referrals based upon his expertise and excellent customer service. In this presentation, Kevin explains how to become an expert in your niche, how to get in front of potential clients, and how to develop, and maintain, a reputation for excellence.